Chart reviews


Spring Snap-Shot Chart Review Savings


We are offering a Spring Snap-Shot Review of 3 patient charts during the months of April, May and June of 2019.

Summer Snap-Shot


A larger review of your patient charts, our Summer Snap-Shoot Chart Review offer includes a 3 patient chart review during the months of April, May and June with an additional 3 chart review done during the months of July and August following the original review providing opportunity to implement corrective actions as needed. 

This offer is being made to help improve patient chart documentation as an increasing number of Chiropractic doctors are experiencing claim denials nationwide. Doctors are struggling to receive reimbursement from a growing number of insurance companies as well as Medicare. In addition, audits by various agencies and entities are continuing daily who are requesting patient charts and files.  

Would your patient notes stand up to an audit?  Could your notes stand up to the scrutiny of a legal challenge in defending or protecting you?

Proper documentation, billing and coding is imperative. It should be viewed as being both  preventative and defensive measures.  In being preventative, they are vital in reducing the chances of being audited associated with data mining of claims which could result in large pay-back amounts, fines and penalties. As a defensive measure, if audited or sued for malpractice, your documentation could provide you a solid basis for a strong defense or possible loss of your professional license, practice, money or home. 

Medical Compliance Specialists, Inc., is passionate in helping the chiropractic profession protect what doctors  worked hard to build. We are here for your compliance needs including chart review, complete office compliance review, compliance consultation, written policies and procedure assistance, and HIPAA concerns.

 A chart review could save you thousands of dollars as well as provide peace of mind.  Don’t gamble with your professional and financial well-being. 

Diane M. Barton, D.C., C.I.C., MCS-P                                      James Minx, MCS-P

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Chart reviews
Spring Snap-Shot Chart Review...