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We are Medical Compliance Specialists specializing in Chiropractic care. While conducting a search of Medicare providers through the public website, we discovered thousands of chiropractors listed in the top 10% of Medicare billers during the year 2014.
Currently, Medicare Chiropractic providers within this top 10% group are being audited throughout the country by companies such as Strategic Health Solutions under authority of the Office of the Inspector General. Doctors are being required to provide up to forty (40) patient charts for review on the first phase of the audit with the possibility of having to provide additional charts in the future. Billing, coding, documentation errors or lack of medical necessity discovered
As Medical Compliance Specialists, we are trained to help doctors be compliant through patient file audits, reviewing billing, coding, documentation and medical necessity of services provided to your patients. It is far better to rectify issues and problems under Self-Disclosure Protocols than have them discovered during an audit or investigation. A proper and effective Compliance Program is mandated under Federal regulations for providers in Federal Healthcare programs. We are able to assist you in developing your compliance programs as well as having the required OIG Compliance Manual available.
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