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Technique Class
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The Technique class is a comprehensive lecture, hands-on course that emphasizes excellence. 

The instructors will take you through the entire spine - from the condyle and upper cervical spine to the lower cervical spine and upper dorsal spine adjustments as they are given in the cervical chair.  The thoracic spine adjustment instruction will be given as well.  The lumbar spine instruction includes both pelvic bench and knee-chest adjustments.  The pelvis adjustments will be taught from the pelvic bench.

True Gonstead alternate adjustments for the entire spine and pelvis are included in this class.  The class structure is lecture and hands-on. The attendee's physical, hands-on participation of this class is required.  Depending on the size of the class and staffing, the technique class can be split into fundamental, intermediate and advanced sections. If you want to learn the Gonstead Technique as practiced by C.S. Gonstead, DC this is the class for you.  The instruction and information taught in this class has been passed down from Dr. Gonstead to Drs. Alex and Doug Cox to your staff doctors.