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Did you ever get your neck twisted?


            A very long time ago I went to see my very first chiropractor. To be honest I didn’t even know what chiropractic was but the reason I went was my own lower back pain. That’s why I was so surprised that the doctor had me lay on my back and relax my head. As soon as I did he grabbed my head and I heard a loud crack. Actually several cracks. I paused for a second just to see if I was still alive. And how about that, I actually felt better. But this particular part of my visit was my least favorite.

            Then years later I decided I wanted to become a chiropractor myself. So before I left Germany to come over here to the US I mentioned to several people about my endeavor. I almost got the same reaction from everyone: “Awesome, but I don’t like that neck twisting”. I don’t know why, but it seemed one of the least favorite things I heard about chiropractors and I swore to myself to be different.

            I was extremely happy when I found the Gonstead system of chiropractic. These guys would adjust anything that needed to be corrected but they wouldn’t use any kind of rotational force in the neck (this means “we don’t treat you like a twist off soda bottle” I was told by one instructor!). I also liked that in this system of chiropractic the doctor would examine specifically the particular area of the spine that may have a problem. And after that the only thing that got adjusted was this particular segment. (Even the neck, but not by twisting!)

            I fell in love with this system and I am exclusively doing it now– for almost 20 years now! And since I am such a huge fan, I try to go to as many seminars as possible. And I also teach this technique: besides countless workshops (well let’s say 50+), student and intern mentoring (I am on the faculty of a large chiropractic school in the Los Angeles area) as well as international teaching (sounds more fancy than it is – I will teach my fist seminar in Germany this coming summer). The point I am trying to make, I found my calling and I am striving for perfection. Every day I learn more and every day I get better than the day before. A patient once said to me “hey doc, you are like a piece of cheese” (I quickly checked if I was smelly) but he said “you get better with age”. What a compliment! And trust me, no cheese smell in my office! (If you do come over to get examined and possibly qualify as a patient – please let me what you think of my Gonstead system)


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