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JULY 22 & 23 (SAT & SUN)





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by Alan Alexander DC
Chiropractic was crafted and defined by DD Palmer over 130 years ago. Didn’t take long for the definition to become inveigled.

by Torsten Stein BS DC
Did you ever get your neck twisted? A very long time ago I went to see my very first chiropractor.

Gonstead Seminar Davenport, Iowa July 22 - 23

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  • Why Gonstead Chiropractic

    What is the Gonstead Seminar?

    Teaching the Chiropractic profession the Gonstead Technique, Case Management, and Philosophy through targeted hands-on clinics. Classes include: Introduction to the Gonstead system, Advanced class, Technique class and, Extremity class.
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  • Why Gonstead Chiropractic

    Why Gonstead?

    Gonstead Chiropractors will find your problem and determine if it is a Chiropractic case. They will fix your problem and allow the body to heal without pressuring you into a predetermined number of future office visits. Your Gonstead Chiropractor will fix your problem and then leave it alone.
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  • Why Gonstead Chiropractic

    Find a Gonstead Trained Doctor

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