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50th year of the Clinic's existence along with Dr. Alex's 50th year in practice.

Dr. Mark Werking will be holding his 3 hour Extremity Program Saturday morning.

Register online or call 1-800-842-6852 or 1-847-713-2362

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 My first trip to Australia was quite the adventure.  Not in the sense that I was out in the wild, searching for kangaroos, but in the sense of hard work, no sleep and meeting new people in a country half-way around the world!

I arrived in Australia and the lovely Yolanda brought me directly to RMIT, which I later found out everyone calls the UNI, to the gross anatomy lab.  How exciting to be back in a lab and to have hands on actual vertebrae, spines and to see and feel the tearing of annular fibers around the disc. Such a different experience then when in school.  To be able to be there to just learn and to not have to worry about memorizing something to be regurgitated later on a test was refreshing.

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    Teaching the Chiropractic profession the Gonstead Technique, Case Management, and Philosophy through targeted hands-on clinics. Classes include: Introduction to the Gonstead system, Advanced class, Technique class and, Extremity class.
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    Why Gonstead?

    Gonstead Chiropractors will find your problem and determine if it is a Chiropractic case. They will fix your problem and allow the body to heal without pressuring you into a predetermined number of future office visits. Your Gonstead Chiropractor will fix your problem and then leave it alone.
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